Jealousy And Fear Drive Will Jones To The Gallows

The following is an excerpt from my book “Crimes Seen:” It was said jealousy led Will Jones to shoot and kill a woman with a double-barrelled...

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Fog and Clouds

The skies outside are overcast but the sun will pop its head out later today and chase away the clouds and the fog. So many times in our lives, we have...

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I Didn’t Believe Bobby Shane Had Died

It was 40 years ago today that Bobby Shane, the self-proclaimed “King of Wrestling”, lost his life when the small plane piloted by Buddy Colt...

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I Hold Memories in My Arms

Prisoner , held captive by its charms, I hold memories in my arms, Thinking of so many years ago, Dreaming of girls I longed to know. Each one was there...

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Sunday Morning Hymn

    Outside, the choir of crows and mockingbirds begins a hymn. Somewhere in the distance, a bullfrog provides the bass line as crickets carry the rhythm...

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Exchange 50 Shades of Grey For 50 Shades of Pray

O kind and gracious Heavenly Father, Creator of everything good, including love, which we celebrate on this special day as we should every day of the year....

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A Prayer for the Lost, the Sick, the Anxious and the Impoverished

O kind and gracious Heavenly Father, you tell us in Philippians 4:6-7: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition,...

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Unresponsive: An Excerpt from Sudden Death: God’s Overtime

Note: On December 8, 2011, I went into cardiac arrest and suffered sudden cardiac death. I was clinically dead, according to my physicians and according...

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Biggest Mass Murder in American History at the Time

Below is an excerpt from my book, “Crimes Seen: A Collection of True Life Murder Stories.” In the book, the chapter is titled, “Man’s...

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Crows, Like Mockingbirds

A crow scavenges through a Walmart shopping cart that has been left empty, save for a few pieces of newspaper. Somewhere, his friends, maybe his family,...

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