Unsolved 50-Year-Old Murder

Below is an excerpt from my book “Crimes Seen: A Collection of True Life Murder Stories.” This chapter, entitled in the book as “The...

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Excerpt from Sudden Death: God’s Overtime

Note: On December 8, 2011, I went into cardiac arrest and suffered sudden cardiac death. I was clinically dead, according to my physicians and according...

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A Dreamer and a Wrestler and a Writer

My name is Jacob. I am a dreamer and a wrestler. I am not just any wrestler. I will even wrestle the unbeatable, even if it keeps me awake all night and...

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Video Tribute to My Father

This is a video tribute to my father. One year ago today, January 23, Robert Eugene “Bobby” Bembry, passed away. This video is the slideshow...

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Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of two special people, one who has been in my heart for all of my life and the other who has been in there for 20 years. My father,...

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Learning to Ride Without Training Wheels

I don’t remember who “Scott” was. I think he was an in-law of my grandfather or grandmother. Perhaps he was married to my grandfather’s niece or...

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Beautiful Music

Alone in my room, I wait for the music to begin. I wait for the music to begin playing so I can waltz with the words. Many times, my muse remains silent...

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I Remember Mama

Sixteen years ago today, my life was devastated. In the early morning hours of January 16, 1999, I was awakened by my father, who said that the nursing...

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The Last Leg of the Journey

The nurse asked, “Jacob, are you sure you are able to handle all this?” as I stood before her, stressed out, with my nerves frayed, thinking that I...

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The Chicken Mechanism

Sometimes it’s a blessing. Sometimes it’s a curse. I just thought of a name for it today. I call it the chicken mechanism. What is the chicken mechanism?...

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