I pick a shiny copper penny up off the floor. The head of Abe Lincoln is embedded on the front of the coin and on the back is a shield with the words “E...

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Grow Up, Ben Affleck

I saw where actor Ben Affleck tried using his influence as a “megastar” to hide details about a slave-owning ancestor on a PBS show. The fact...

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I Don’t Believe in Karma

I don’t believe in karma. Karma says that good things happen to people if they are good or do good things and bad things happen to people if they...

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Unknown flowers shoot forth as blooms egally in the midst of trees to the east of my house. An army of dandelions falls into formation and salutes the...

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Enchanting Echoes

The enchanting echoes of friends’ voices and laughter beckons like a siren’s call from years past. Visions of their faces bring a smile to my face...

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Licorice Gumdrops

I’m not as crazy about gumdrops as I was as a kid. Back then, I loved their super sugary sweetness and paid no attention at all of what harm they might...

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Jealousy And Fear Drive Will Jones To The Gallows

The following is an excerpt from my book “Crimes Seen:” It was said jealousy led Will Jones to shoot and kill a woman with a double-barrelled...

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Fog and Clouds

The skies outside are overcast but the sun will pop its head out later today and chase away the clouds and the fog. So many times in our lives, we have...

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I Didn’t Believe Bobby Shane Had Died

It was 40 years ago today that Bobby Shane, the self-proclaimed “King of Wrestling”, lost his life when the small plane piloted by Buddy Colt...

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I Hold Memories in My Arms

Prisoner , held captive by its charms, I hold memories in my arms, Thinking of so many years ago, Dreaming of girls I longed to know. Each one was there...

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